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Welcome to a new initiative


This new website, the Literature of Working Life, has arisen, somewhat phoenix-like, from the still actively burning pyre of the Albertopolis Writing Circle ( This was started to see whether aspiring writers in the educational and cultural institutions of South Kensington, Albertopolis the legacy of Prince Albert’s sponsorship of the the Great Exhibition of 1851, would write about their working lives in the huge variety of trades and professions that are represented there. The spirit was willing but for may potential contributors the flesh could not really find the time to take part.

Two years after its birth I’ve decided to set up shop on my own to discuss the issues of the literary treatment of working life, which I think are severely neglected areas of story telling. I’ve set out my stall briefly on the site’s home and about pages and put up one initial short story of working life and an associated article about the short stories, or collections thereof, that have the working lives of characters at their core.

I’d welcome comments and contributions.



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